Internal Insulation

If your home is built using solid wall or hollow block construction methods, cavity fill insulation is not an option. Internal Insulation (sometimes referred to as “dry-lining”) involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of your external walls. This usually involves fixing an insulation board to the walls and covering it with a vapour barrier layer and plasterboard. One of the main disadvantages of Internal Insulation is the loss of room space; this may be minimised by using high performance insulation products that are thinner.








At ECO-SNUG, We can install Internal Insulation using XTRATHERM or KINGSPAN COMPOSITE BOARDS. This insulation technique involves fitting plasterboards backed usually with 85mm rigid insulation and vapour barrier onto the inside of all the internal walls of your home.

To achieve 0.27 U VALUE as required by SEAI under the BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME.

ECO-SNUG provides a full retrofit service which includes removal and replacement of skirting boards, radiators and coving back to its original setting with the minimum disruption to the client. This solution is cheaper than external insulation but bear in mind that you will have to redecorate these walls again.







A Grant is available up to the value of €1800 under the BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME towards the cost of the Internal Insulation to achieve a U-Value of 0.27. Between 25 – 30% of the heat provided in your home may be escaping through the Walls if they are un-insulated.

ECO-SNUG provides all of the above as part of our quotations under BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME

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Products Internal

XTRATHERM 85mm (open cell) THIN-R

PIR – Polyiso

Xtratherm Thin-R is foil faced Polyisocyanurate (PIR) INSULATION Board designed for use on walls. Polyiso is formed by a blowing process which generates a rigid foam composed of fine, gas filled bubbles: it is those bubbles which give Polyiso its superb insulating capability which is manufactured under ISO9001 assured quality system.










KINGSPAN (closed cell) KOOLTHERM K17

The KOOLTHERM K-RANGE is an extensive range of premium performance Rigid Phenolic insulants designed for Walls. Rigid Phenolic Insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.020 – 0.023W/m K, which is the most efficient insulation product commonly available. It utilises thinnest possible insulation board to achieve required U-Values. The Rigid Phenolic Insulation Board has a closed cell structure which resists both moisture and water vapour. It is unaffected by air movement and it is safe to install as masks are not required as Kingspan products do not produce loose dust or irritable fibres. It has a lifetime span of the building and has long term thermal performance. Rigid Phenolic Insulations has a class O fire rating and adheres with the fire safety regulations.