Flat Roof / Sloping Ceilings

We at Eco-snug can insulate a flat roof or sloping ceilings internally using an insulated composite plasterboard. This will involve lowering the ceiling. We remove the existing ceiling and insulate between the rafters with a 60-80mm Xtra-Therm PIR and then insulate below the rafters with a 72mm Internal Composite Board to achieve the required U-value of 0.20 w/M2K.

We can also insulate a flat roof externally using a warm deck flat roof system which means raising the height of your flat roof using a Kingspan TR27 Board and EPDM Rubber seal to achieve a U-Value of 0.22W/mK which is required under Better Energy Homes Scheme.

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NB: We only upgrade Flat roofs in conjuction with External Insulation works.