KNAUF ECOSE LOFT ROLLKnauf ecose loft roll with ECOSE TECHNOLOGY is a massive leap forward in insulation sustainability, combining recycled glass bottles with more natural ingredients. Manufactured from naturally occurring raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology, free from Formaldehyde, Phenols, Acrylics and with no artificial colours, bleach or dyes added.


XTRATHERM LOFT WALK-R – A laminate of high performance PIR Insulation with tough moisture resistant chipboard that builds to allow safe access into insulated roof spaces whilst maintaining very high insulation value and complying with BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME.


ROCKWOOLRockwool Insulation is created from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock with the ore smelted and spun into fibres to create a wide range of insulation materials, ranging from loft insulation rolls to impact resistance roofing boards.  It is also bonded to produce high performance panels (external wall). ROCKWOOL provides a four in one insulation solution, providing high grade thermal insulation, noise insulation, non-combustible and strong environmental credentials.

External Wall Insulation

Weber is a specialist in the manufacture of industrial mortar products and its core product range consists of external renders, construction mortars, tile adhesives and floor screeds. Weber is an international business operating in over 35 countries worldwide.

Weber manufactures all of the renders used in its external wall insulation systems in GB and Ireland. Plants in three locations ensure that products are produced close to the markets they supply and that product quality is maintained throughout – essential to the overall performance of an external wall insulation system.

A key strength of Weber is product innovation and this is clearly demonstrated in the development of systems such as weber.therm XM, a durable insulated render system suitable for the major types of insulation and available in a wide range of finishes.

Internal Wall Insulation

XTRATHERM  (open cell) THIN-R

Xtratherm Thin-R is foil faced Polyisocyanurate (PIR) INSULATION Board designed for use on walls. Polyiso is formed by a blowing process which generates a rigid foam composed of fine, gas filled bubbles: it is those bubbles which give Polyiso its superb insulating capability which is manufactured under ISO 9001 assured quality system.


 Flat Roof / Sloping Ceilings – Internal Insulation

Xtra-Therm PIR

Is a composite insulated panel of Xtra-therm Polyiso (PIR) core with a foil face one side bonded to plasterboard for for mechanically fixing to internal walls. XT/TL-MF is designed to provide high levels of thermal insulation and dry lining in one operation for suitable masonry walls, sloped rafters and ceilings in new build and refurbishment situations.

Warm Deck Flat Roof External Insulation

Rubbertop EPDM is an unreinforced EPDM rubber membrane for waterproofing flat roofs. Particularly suitable for the domestic market or for small to medium sized roofs, our prefabrication capabilities mean that large panels can be provided in a multiple of widths, which means the roof can often be waterproofed in one piece. These panels are produced in factory conditions, ensuring quality and integrity at all times.

Kingspan TR27 – Fully Compatible with single-ply non-bituminous membranes that are fully bonded with solvent based adhesive systems.

Fully Compatible with most bitumen based and mastic asphalt waterproofing systems.