Attic Insulation

In an insulated home a quarter of your heating is lost through the roof.  Insulating your attic space is a simple and effective way to reduce your heating bill.

So when you think insulation, you are well on the way to reducing energy costs.  Adding insulation above the minimum building requirements whether in a commercial or residential space significantly increases energy savings and enhances the overall quality of your indoor environment.

The Benefits of Attic Insulation
  • Reduction in heating bill’s
  • Increased comfort levels
  • Low capital costs
  • Short payback periods
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Effectiveness of Insulation

The effectiveness of an insulating material is measured using a “U-Value”.  A U-Valve is a measure of how much heat is conducted through a structure.  Insulation installed correctly will have a low U-Value as it will allow only small amounts of heat to pass through, thereby keeping your home warm.   Homeowners availing of rafter-level roof insulation grants under the BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME should aim to achieve a U-Value of 0.20 W/mK or better (i.e. lower).


A €200·00 grant is now available under the BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME towards the cost of the attic insulation.  The grant is also available if you want to top up your existing insulation to achieve a U-Value of 0.16.  The recommended standard of roof insulation to achieve this is currently at 300mm dept (2007 Building Reg.).  Up to 30% of the heat provided in your home may be escaping through the roof if it is not insulated.  Even if you have it insulated, it may be still losing heat as it may not be up to the Building Regulations; it may need to be replaced.



This process typically takes 4-5 hours.  The process includes insulating pipes and water tanks in addition to insulating and draught proofing the access hatch as well as protection of recessed lights from insulation.  If your water tank is more than 1 meter from your access hatch a minimum of 400mm (16inches approx.) boardwalk will also be fitted (link – XTRATHERM LOFT WALK-R).

Services – Attic
Attic Storage

Compression can cause insulating material to lose some of its insulating properties. It is therefore important, where possible, to minimize the amount of items stored in the attic which may compact or compress the insulating material. Where storage is required, alternative arrangements like raised storage areas above the level of insulation could also be discussed with us at ECO-SNUG.


We at, ECO-SNUG can install a permanent walkway in your attic to ensure you have easy access to cold water tanks or other fitted appliances

ECO-SNUG provides all of the above as part of our quotations under BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME.

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Products of Attic Insulation – Materials
Knauf Loft Roll

KNAUF LOFT ROLL with ECOSE TECHNOLOGY is a massive leap forward in insulation sustainability, combining recycled glass bottles with more natural ingredients. Manufactured from naturally occurring raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology, free from Formaldehyde, Phenols, Acrylics and with no artificial colours, bleach or dyes added.

For further details on KNAUF LOFT ROLL INSULATION click here.


ROCKWOOL INSULATION is created from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock with the ore smelted and spun into fibres to create a wide range of insulation materials, ranging from loft insulation rolls to impact resistance roofing boards.  It is also bonded to produce high performance panels (external wall).

ROCKWOOL provides a four in one insulation solution, providing high grade thermal insulation, noise insulation, non-combustible and strong environmental credentials.

For further details on ROCKWOOL INSULATION click here.

Xtratherm Insulated Walkways/Storage Areas

XTRATHERM LOFT WALK-R is a laminate of high performance PIR Insulation with tough moisture resistant chipboard that builds to allow safe access into insulated roof spaces whilst maintaining very high insulation value and complying withBETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME.

For further details on XTRATHERM INSULATED WALKWAYS click here.

Non Itch-Recycled Fibre Insulation

Non-Itch Insulation is made from user-friendly non-irritant, non-itch material that is free from floating fibres or dust and so avoids skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Non-Itch will not deteriorate over time and will not be affected by mould, mildew or rot.

For further details on NON-ITCH RECYCLED FIBRE INSULATION click here.

Services – flat roof

We at, ECO-SNUG can insulate a flat roof internally using insulated plasterboard. (This means lowering the height of the ceiling) or externally using a warm deck flat roof system which means raising the height of your flat roof to achieve a U-Value of0.22W/mK which is required under BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME.