Pumped cavity wall insulation can be installed in most existing houses with a cavity wall. If there is no insulation in the walls we can fill the cavity with bead and if there is existing insulation we can fill the remaining cavity.

Our surveyor will carry out a borescope test on your property to ensure a cavity is present and the walls are suitable for cavity wall insulation. While carrying out the survey our surveyor will establish your ventilation requirements needed to comply with current building regulations. Advice can also be given on available grants and the application process. Further information is available in our grant section.


When insulating the building, the operatives follow the NSAI and manufacturers drill pattern. This is to ensure that the cavities are fully filled. The holes are drilled into the external walls of the building. These holes are approximately the size of a one euro coin (22mm). Silver Bead along with an adhesive is pumped under pressure into the cavity.

All holes are patched by operatives after the pumping is complete. This is done by mixing different colour dyes with mortar to closely match the existing finish of the house.

NB: We only pump cavity walls in conjuction with External Insulation works.

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